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Psych Flash Fiction Challenge

What do you see?

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fan fiction challenge community for USA's Psych
This is a bi-monthly (ish) challenge community for fan fiction based on the USA Network show, Psych.
Yes, the original idea lies with the ds_flashfiction and sga_flashfic communities. The original Psych flash fiction challenge community was here, but it had been abandoned. This community is a revival, of sorts.

Rules/Community Info:

1) Challenges are posted about twice a month, and responses can be posted until the next challenge is up. Challenge suggestions are welcome. They can be left here.

2) All genres are welcomed and encouraged.

3) Please follow the template below when you post fic:
Word Count:

(Fic posted under an LJ-CUT)

4) All fic should be between 100 and 1,000 words.

5) Please put all spoilers, fiction, and long entries behind an lj-cut. For information on how to do this, go here.

6) Play nice, kiddies. Be respectful of the other members and readers here.

7) Beta requests are allowed, and you're welcome to post the request or use the permanent beta request/offer post is here. If you post something with so many grammar errors and typos that it's painful to read, the moderator will politely (and privately) ask you to find a beta-reader and re-post.

8) Please, no off-topic posting. There are several communities devoted to Psych discussion and non-challenge fan fiction.

9) Any content that is not work safe must be put under a cut. You may not use icons that aren't work safe.

10) Please use tags! Use the challenge tag, as well as the tag for the main character or pairing, rating, and genre.

11) You may link to an outside journal when posting your fic, but please mention psychflashfic wherever your fic lives.

12) Likewise, you may cross-post fic to other communities, but please mention psychflashfic when doing so.

Questions not covered by the rules can be asked here.

We are an official affiliate of:

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